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Dogwoods for Northern California

Cornus x rutcan "Constellation"


At Alluvial Terrace Nursery we have developed processes that promote excellent growth combined with heavy bud set in containers.


We have the most complete inventory of disease resistant flowering Dogwoods in California sourced from leading edge propagators.


We deliver to our customers only well rooted and heavily budded trees that have been grown in Northern California and are fully acclimated to sun and the local climate.


Because we are local we deliver what you need when you need it (no need to gamble on out of state deliveries).


At Alluvial Terrance Nursery we specialize in species and hybrids that will be in flower for your customers from early March to late June.



  Please check the plant list for our complete listing.  


Cornus florida "Cherokee Princess"

 Cornus capitata


Cornus x KN4-43 "Starlight"


Cornus kousa "Milky Way"



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